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  • E-Learning Design & Evaluation

    Professional Certificate in


    Course Overview

    In this certificate program, you’ll get a complete immersion in the art and science of e-learning and instructional design. We’ll cover the essentials of e-learning and the tools and techniques for developing and managing courses and programs. You’ll explore different ways to assess program quality and effectiveness.

    In this program, you’ll discover the design elements of effective e-learning, investigate instructional interactivity that supports learning, practice applying these discoveries in designs, and learn to incorporate what works into your own projects.


    Course Objective

    The main objectives are to outline the methods for selecting the appropriate technology and course structure; to know the process on how to evaluate delivery formats for cost and efficiency and troubleshoot scheduling, budgeting and planning challenges; to identify and utilize the standard and emerging tools and technologies for creating, delivering and accessing course materials and to apply the components of effective e-learning instructional design and learner motivation.


    Learning Outcome

    Upon completion, the trainees will be able to outline the latest trend and concepts in e-learning design and evaluation and to formulate the effective and efficient tools in e-learning authoring


    Who Should Attend?

    ·         Trainers

    ·         Consultants

    ·         Professional Developers

    ·         Material Developers

    ·         Training and development personnel across all professions



    Module 1: Understanding the principles of e-learning design

    Module 2: Analysis stage

    Module 3: Design stage

    Module 4: Storyboarding stage

    Module 5: Developing stage

    Module 6: Implementation stage

    Module 7: Evaluation stage

    Module 8: Understand the importance of quality assurance

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    This is the work area for all facilitation teams. Check your section for:

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    • a private discussion forum to conduct your team's planning 

    The FLO facilitator's role is to:

    • provide assistance in planning
    • edit the Moodle course site according to plans and instructions provided by your team (You don't have access to do that yourself)
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